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House lifting in India

Are you searching for a house lifting service in India that provides award-winning house raising services to mitigate flood risk or restore flooded homes?

The land of India is not the same level, nor is it the same quality. RJBL (Rana Ji Building Lifting) Working House Lifting in India for the last 30 years. We have the best engineer who specializes in perfection in any work. We are proud of our engineers, all are the best in their work. Our team specializes in raising the house, setting the house’s alignment, shifting the house.

Raising your house without any loss of it’s written guarantee we provide. We first sign an agreement for your safety and security, you can go to our “About Us” page and download the form.

House lifting in India

We have worked on more than 500 day-to-day projects so far, all our clients have been very happy with us. What do we do, know in little detail :

Our Services :

  1. Best house lifting service.
  2. House shifting from one place to another.
  3. House construction after house lifting or shifting.
  4. All useable material and equipment.
  5. You can download our pdf.

Work-related images you check by visiting our portfolio section and “image section“.


Q1. How durable to lift up the house?
Ans. It’s safe and long time durable to lift up a house, your house will not effect by house lifting.

Q2. How much we raise the house to the maximum?
Ans. Any height (in Pune we lift 24ft a temple).

Q3. Is it very expensive to raise the house?
Ans. No, actually if you need to lift up the house please contact us, we will send you a quote.

house lifting house lifting house lifting house lifting

Why Use RJBL house lifting

RJBL house lifters in India has over 47 years of helping families in Karnataka, jack up their house and raise it off the foundation. We’ve won numerous awards, and helped save families thousands of rupees prior to floods, and restore lives back to normal after a flood has damaged their home.

Discuss your next project with us

Our web site visits and detailed estimates are all no-cost and no-pressure. Contact us for any queries. Feel free to achieve out and discuss your potential project. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees will answer any question you’ll have and provides you a thought of the prices associated.