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House lifting cost in India

House ligting cost in India depends upon :

  1. Area of the house in square meter/ft.
  2. Construction area or location of the house.
  3. Total height to lift house or elevate up house in fits.
  4. Material use to lift up the house.
  5. total rooms and floors of the house.

House lifting is such a process that your entire house has to be raised and modified. Today we talk about its cost.

We describe it in three main points:

  1. Single-story House Lifting –
    The weight of a single-story house is very less than the other two points which are described next. Our team needs less equipment for this and it works with fewer men power. We sign an agreement before working, which keeps the customer security.
  2. Duplex House Lifting –
    Most of the houses are duplex or two-story with a single stair room on the roof. Now we talk about the two-story house lifting cost in India. The lifting process is normal with some equipment in the duplex, our team always take care of each and every single small point. Other things depend upon the house area.
  3. Building Lifting –
    More than 3 floors we consider as building lifting process. We need high-level equipment to lift up your house or building. We are experts in building lifting and elevate more than 185 buildings in the last 30 years.

If we say that it is not so easy to tell the house lifting cost in India directly,
Because all these depend on the location of your house and the system written above.