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7 Tips before the house lifting

house lifting in india

1. Use manual jacks instead of Hydrochloric pressure jacks

Some times hydrochloric pressure jacks are fails, it will be very dangerous for house lifting. We can’t neglect that point, as Mr. Chauhan said “We work with experience and provide 100% safety, so we never take that pressure jack risk”.

2. Pack all your furniture and place it somewhere else

  • Before house lifting, you need to pack all your furniture, electronics, and other luggage. Place it in some other place (a place that is not in the lifting area ).
    Many service providers in big cities help you to do this all work and place safely to some other place.

3. Make sure all water pipes and other pipes will be unlink or remove before lifting

  • Who will do that? When we ask the same question to Mr. Chauhan he said ” We will take full responsibility for all work before house raising pipes removing to after house lifting construction and link pipe properly”.
    This process can be done either by the customer or by the house lifting company.

4. Agreement before house lifting

  • Before house raising, it is a very important point to an agreement. Form A will be used for agreement, it will provide you full safety in case of any damage. This agreement will ensure your project to complete without any harassment.

5. Time agreement with service providers

  • Time agreement is another point that you take care of before house raising. Your work should be complete on time, the agreement will be completed on committed time. RJBL Pvt. Ltd. works as committed time.

6. Raw material before start house lifting

  • Make sure all raw material should be there before house lifting. It includes bricks, cement, stones, pipes, pillars etc.

7. Steal beam before house lifting

  • Some house lifters are careless and directly put a jack to lift the house. This is the wrong method, make sure before house lifting they should be lifted using steel beams. Steel beams provide extra safety for your house. Please check steal beam with images in this article.
house lifting house lifting house lifting house lifting

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